Welding Inspection

For welding and fabrication client assurance.

The role of a welding inspector is to understand factors that influence the quality of fusion welds in different steels by recognising the typical characteristics of welding processes in relation to quality control.

This knowledge enables a welding inspector to perform surveillances of the welding personnel and ensure that the welding is being performed to optimise its purpose for the intended application.

The welding inspector can supervise all aspects of a welding project from the planning stages, right through the welding activities, to the inspection and approval of the welds. Our welding inspectors are experienced in how to perform all necessary surveillances and supervisions in order to submit a comprehensive report package to the client.

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  • Customer peace of mind

  • Ultimate quality control

  • Customer feedback on how to improve a welding project to save time and costs

  • Easy access to details on all stages of a welding activity

  • No need to interrupt production


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