Vendor Inspection

Reducing risk from industrial supply purchases with shop and vendor inspection services.

In most industrial sectors (such as chemical, automotive, metallurgical, or oil & gas), large construction projects involve the purchase of a vast number of items supplied by many different manufacturers.

Quality and safety are key for these projects. It is of vital importance to check through in-factory inspection the quality of every single item, no matter how small. These items range from raw material to finished products.

As some indication of the diversity of items concerned, they can include pipes and tubes, equipment ranging from valves and faucets to boilers and motors, engines for anything from lifting equipment to elevators, electrical and electronic devices.

Any purchase carries embedded risk. If a part is faulty, but the fault is not detected, the risk of something going wrong becomes embedded within the new asset.

Get testing
  • No need to interrupt production

  • Customer peace of mind

  • Single point of contact for quality assurance across all aspects of any given production

  • Reduction of risk regarding future malfunction cost


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