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Mankind is creating increasingly larger and complexed fabrications. Our society can no longer cope without bridges, ships, drilling rigs, refineries, vehicles, aeroplanes, satellites, nuclear power stations, just to name a few.

Without due attention to quality and safety, these objects can pose a threat to us or to the surrounding environment. Ascertaining material and fabrication integrity, and protection against corrosion is therefore vital. Weld Integrity is your perfect solution to achieving this.

We are your go-to, fully comprehensive inspection and testing partner. Weld Integrity is a relatively young company, founded in July 2018 by Max Brown. In the period since operational commencement, Weld Integrity has now employed 15 full time employees and we have big plans to expand further in the near future.

We continuously take on larger and larger projects, as our work force develops to cater for our customers’ increasing demands.

Weld Integrity aims to be a leading customer-oriented provider of inspection products and services that enable our valued clients to safeguard the integrity and profitability of their assets and products for the entire life cycle.

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