Preventing material failure
& assuring compliance

Whether you're involved in manufacturing or you manage industrial assets, ascertaining material integrity is a top priority. The quality of welding and other production processes can literally make or break your success.

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ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)

Using sound to see inside the material.
dye penetrant inspection

Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT/DPI)

Showing an object's true colours and surface.
radiographic x ray inspection

Radiographic / X-ray Inspection (RT)

Reveal what's inside the steel and your assets.
magnetic particle inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT/MPI)

Finding surface defects in ferromagnetic metals.
welding inspection

Welding Inspection

For welding and fabrication client assurance.
visual inspection

Visual Inspection (VT)

A close eye on quality in regards to your assets.
vendor inspection

Vendor Inspection

Reducing risk from industrial supply purchases.
phased array inspection

Phased Array Inspection (PAUT)

Fast and simple inspection of complex geometries.
hardness testing

Hardness Testing (HT)

Enables evaluation of a material’s properties.
positive material identification

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Analyse and identify material grade.
inspection personnel

Hiring Inspection Personnel

Hire personell from us, from anywhere in the world.
Material Testing AS

Labratory/DT Services

Material testing is a refined laboratory envirionment.

A small selection of our customers

We work with customers of all sizes, from small local companies to colossal international organisations.
Take a look at a small selection of our customers below.

nordic steel as

Timely Maintenances

Our efficient NDT services help you detect defects in base materials, products, installations and equipment.

24/7 Communication

Do not hesitate to mail or phone +47 51 73 24 23 at any time during the day.

A Longer Life

Ascertaining material integrity and protection against corrosion are vitally important for your business.


NDT provides asset management data which enables you to prevent damage and related cost resulting from material failure.

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If you are just as passionate about testing and inspection as we are, come join our team.

Customer reviews

"Weld Integrity is a strong competitor in the market."

Bjørn Helge Ervik,
Service Coordinator at Halliburton

Quick to respond, well priced, flexible and the fact that they do the inspections at our facility has made our lives much easier.”

"Weld Integrity AS has been an essential supplier for NMI Mekaniske AS."

Petter Oppsanger,
QA & Key Account Manager at NMI Mekaniske

We have always appreciated Max and the other inspectors competence, cooperativeness, professionalism and ease of communication. They are always a short phone call away and are very helpful in case of urgencies. It has been a privilege to see the remarkable growth of Weld Integrity AS from when Max first started on his own in 2018 until now with several inspectors under his wing behaving in the same professional manner that Max represents.”

"Aarbakke benytter seg av de fleste tjenester Weld Integrity tilbyr, phased array inkludert."

Tor Even Bjørnvold,
Teamleader Quality Control & NDT at Aarbakke

De tilbyr gode tjenester innenfor NDT med forutsigbare betingelser og med stor gjennomføringsevne. De gir oss muligheten til å kunne levere stabilitet og kvalitet til våre kunder på rett tid."

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