Phased Array Inspection

Fast and simple inspection of complex geometries.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing is an advanced application of ultrasonic testing technology. It can be used for weld inspections, crack and flaw detections, thickness measurements and corrosion inspections.

Because of the detailed visualisation of the defect size, shape, depth and orientation, Phased Array can often be used instead of Radiographic Testing. Since it doesn't use ionising radiation, there is no need to create a safety zone which usually means interrupting production.

In conventional UT testing, a single transducer sends ultrasound waves into the material. Phased Array probes contain multiple transducers. By introducing a delay between the pulses sent out by each transducer, the beam angle, focal point and focal spot of the generated wavefront can be influenced.

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  • Suitable for wide range of materials

  • Suitable for complex test piece geometries

  • Applicable on material thicknesses from 3,2 to 200 millimetres

  • On stream inspection up to 400°C

  • No harmful ionising radiation

  • Scanning large areas without moving the probe

  • Inspection data represented visually

  • Direct interpretation of results

  • Inspection data available in digital format

  • Exact information about indication length and depth

  • No need to interrupt production


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