Ultrasonic Testing

Using sound to see inside the material.

Ultrasonic Testing is a volumetric Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method. Unlike surface inspection methods, UT makes it possible to find flaws inside the material. High-frequency sound waves are sent into the material with an ultrasonic transducer.

The ultrasound that reflects off defects in the material is made visible in a graph. Ultrasonic Testing gives insight in the depth, size, nature and orientation of the detected indications. The thickness of the material, such as wall thickness of pipes, can also be measured.

Weld Integrity has decades of experience in applying UT inspections across all industrial sectors.

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  • High penetrating power

  • High sensitivity

  • Usually only one surface needs to be accessible

  • Non-hazardous to operations or nearby personnel

  • Immediate test results

  • Portable equipment

  • Insight in size, orientation, shape and nature of defects


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